Visitor Tracking We track in-store human activity to determine hot/cold spots,
number of engagements and dwell times to enable management
and placement of assets for space optimization.


Visitor Tracking uses the computer vision technology to monitor visitor journey through in-store CCTV cameras. This powerful analytic technology enables tracking of visitor behaviour throughout the store to identify cold and hot spots. The detailed track information of visitors is used to record impressions, dwell time and engagements. Summaries of visitor behaviour are generated as heatmaps and detailed zone reports. These stats can then be used to optimize the store operations.


Space Optimization

Hot and Cold Spots

Identify the most visited, least visited and dead spots through shoppers visiting patterns.

Store Layout

Improve the store layout and product placement through shopper’s engagement analysis.

Better Merchandising

Merchandise smartly by identifying the most popular zones in the store to maximize engagement.

A/B Testing

Optimize store operations using the shopper’s activity data and boost sales.

Set-up Image-min

Integration with Existing Setup

Our Visitor Tracking solution does not require additional hardware/sensor and can be installed using the existing IT infrastructure such as surveillance set-up/cameras. This makes deployment of our solution not just time but also cost-efficient.

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