Store Pulse
Unlike conventional traffic counting systems, Shopper Value’s
disruptive solution is designed for the store staff, not just the
head office. Our technology empowers stores to timely detect
performance issues and reduce their reaction times. Retail
teams will know where to focus to lift store sale.

Analyse Sale Conversion

Availability of crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) to multiple users in real-time over different time periods and across stores ensures enhanced decision making and robust strategizing.

Opportunity to Sale

8 powerful KPIs (retail metrics) including conversion help in identifying lost potential and uncover performance opportunities.

Real-time data availability

Data updated every 15 minutes to ensure real-time availability and reduce reaction times.

Multiple user accessibility

Data accessibility to users introduces transparency and helps align goals of the store staff with the head office.

Comparison over time/across stores

Data allows analysis over time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and across stores to facilitate realistic target setting.

Improve Service Level

Accurate traffic data will strengthen your management’s ability to determine the service intensity requirement, shifts assignment and rotation policies.

Schedule Shifts in Real-Time

Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism through optimal staffing.

Accurate Scheduling Forecast

Eliminate guesswork and get precision in your diagnostic.

Cost Efficiency

Know your peak and off-peak times and avoid over/understaffing.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Yardstick for Marketing

Data on increase and decrease in traffic when a campaign is run helps assist evaluation of marketing targets.

Comparisons across Campaigns

Comparisons between different campaigns across type, time and regions ensure optimal, area specific marketing strategies at the best time.

Product Specific Targeting

Real-time data and the resultant hot spots highlight the demand for different products and placements hence informing better marketing judgement.