Occupancy Solution Our new solution will help you easily manage social distancing
guidelines regarding Covid-19 for the safety of your
staff and your store visitors.

Shopper Value’s Occupancy Solution is going to play a crucial role in ensuring smooth traffic management in retail stores now that the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are expected to loosen up gradually. Being able to display occupancy recommendations to their customers (Safe to enter, Please Wait etc.), retail stores would be able to provide store visitors with a psychological safety net assuring a safe shopping experience. Moreover, active prevention of overcrowding in the store would not just create a safe space for the store staff keeping them motivated but would also help retailers mitigate the risk of staff infections and absenteeism. Beyond safety, this new solution would save you from the hassle of manual counting at the door!


How does the Occupancy Solution Work?

With minimal installation cost and leveraging your existing IT infrastructure, we count the occupancy level in your store through a device mounted on top of your door. As the device counts the incoming and outgoing traffic we are able to instantly give you information on the number of people present in your store at a given point in time.

Real-Time Data Update

With a minute by minute update on the occupancy count we bring to you real-time data which is updated instantaneously hence assisting not just the management of the store but also the customers entering/waiting outside the store

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Screen Display for Visitors

Based on the occupancy limit of each store, different recommendations for store visitors can be displayed on a screen. These screens would be easily visible from outside the store so that the customers know when it is safe to enter.

The red screen will also show the estimated waiting time for visitors waiting outside based on based on the average time per exit of the store for the past hour.


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